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Contest #1: Selfie Contest



Contestant No. : 9
Name : Krishna Sharma
College : New Summit College
Contestant No. : 6
Name: Mandip Maharjan
College: New Summit College

CSIT Nepal wants to appreciate all the participants active participation in "Selfie Photo Competition". We also want to thank all the participants for their positive response towards the competition.

Participants of the Selfie Photo Competition were:

Contestant No Full Name College
1Rashmi TiwariNew Summit College
2Samiksha MarahattaNew Summit College
3Jeevan ChapagainAsian School of Management
4Asmita KcOrchid International College
5Bijay RaiKathford College
6Mandeep MaharjanNew Summit Colleg
7Ayush DhitalIndreni College
8Prashish ShresthaNew Summit College
9Krishna SharmaNew Summit College
10Sikshya UpretiNew Summit College
11Ishwor LamsalNew Summit College
12Arun LamichhaneKathmandu BernHardt College
13Suzeena ShahiNew Summit College
14Ashrit KoiralaAsian School of Management
15Sonam ChhedonNew Summit College
16Lakshman BasnetSwastik College
17Abhi ChettriNew Summit College
18Sandace Jung ShahNew Summit College
19Nasib ThakuriKathford International College
20Samikshya MaharjanKathmandu Bernhardt College

Out of these 20 participants, top two participants with maximum number of likes are nominated as winner and will be provided with 2 QFX tickets each. We would also like to thank Nepalgunj College for sponsoring these prizes to the winners.

Congratulations to Krishna Sharma (Contestant No. 9) for collecting maximum number of likes and leading the contest. The total number of likes was 2,310.

Also congratulations to Mandeep Maharjan (Contestant No.6) for giving tough competition to Krishna Sharma with 2,239 likes.

Winners are requested to contact Mr. Sandace Jung Shah, Executive Chairman, of CSIT Nepal to collect their prizes. Please find his contact details on the following link: Click here Once again, we would like to thank all the participants and congratulate the top two winners of the "Selfie Photo Competition".