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5 things to consider for selecting right CSIT College

You have taken a wonderful decision in selecting CSIT as a footstep for your future. But there are numerous puzzle to be tackled before joining any college. Some colleges may easily lure you with discounts and false information regarding college and faculty infrastructure. You have to follow some basic checklist to avoid such scams. We at CSIT Nepal have designed five basic guidelines to follow for selecting right CSIT College. It may help you assess right college for making intelligent decision.

  1. Faculties
  2. Faculties are core for any educational institution. Before joining college, make sure college has enough experienced and knowledgeable faculties who can transform theoretical teaching into practical knowledge. Being a topper is not enough in IT industry. But how would you know about the experience of faculties. It's pretty simple. Ask for a list of faculties and check the competencies. Six years of experience is definitely good than a fresher.
  3. College Infrastructure
  4. What is college Infrastructure? Hmmm... It is basically an availability of computers in the lab, rich library, involvement in extracurricular activities, investment in power units (generators, UPS etc), educated and motivational faculties.
  5. Practical, Practical, Practical
  6. Well, in IT industry, you are nothing without practical knowledge. Inquire about how college that you select move on with practicals. You will anyway get someone to inquire about it. Or else, please write us on info@csitnepal.com . We will help you in this regard.
  7. Tuition Fee
  8. Paying more doesn't guarantee a quality and paying for quality doesn't necessarily incur cost. Pay smartly. Common guys, you are from iphone generation. It is your parent's earning for the hard work they did to up bring you and your career. Check point no 1, 2 and 3 for deciding college fee. It is you who is paying for the college and it is your money for college to make profit.
  9. College's willingness to pay
  10. If you are paying enough for your education and basically providing a backbone for college earning and profit, you definitely worth a periodic training, seminar, extracurricular activities, a fun trip and picnics. Geeks are always good in paper. Practically, you want to be a rockstar.

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