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Travel Diaries: Tour and Technology


It is said that travelling is for those who make it as a passion. When you are young and student, you have enough time but the budget. Similarly when you are employed , you might have enough money but you won't be having enough time and when you are Old, you may have both time and money but energy.So, travelling should be done whenever we can.

Travel and Social Media

Travelling is always fun. Simply liking the picture in facebook of friends who share their travel stories can never be interesting and fun.However, it can inspire you to travel. People have been using social media a lot these days.With the increase in usage of social media,both domestic/international tourism have been benefitted. Having seen pictures of friends/family in different exotic travel destinations would defnitely attract one to travel as well. The actual fun begins when you travel.

Travel and budget

If you are a student, it’s a bit hard to manage budget. You ask from parents, friends and somehow manage your trip in limited budget. Getting thing easily won't be much interesting than getting things done with effort. Traveling is like learning by doing and is the best approach to learn and explore new things and places. Mostly you gather your friends, Colleagues, and family,sometimes love birds to travel. You try to convince one friend, provide financial support to another. It actually seems interesting and actually fun too. When you return back from the trip, you would cherrish every effort you made to make the trip happen. You will definitely wish to make that trip again. Taking budget into account,Technology can play a vital role in saving you some. You can avoid guide, instead you can just use your smartphones with GPS to get info on your whereabouts and the journey.

Travel and backpacks

When travelling you should be well prepared mentally, physically and well equipped. These things depend upon place, weather conditions, geographical structure, social, cultural norms and values. Technologies have made travel more interesting, easy and safer. Some of the major things you should carry with you are :

Mobile phone

Mobile phones are now easily accessible with many added feature in it. While traveling, you should not be forgetting to take phone which has become the basic need for human being lately. You would be thankful for them for many reasons,Be it emergency,maps,entertainment during journey, communincation with your people back home,etc. You can have different application in your phone which can make your trip easy. Most common applications are, Google map which is embedded with GPS tracker- It can track your location and show the map so that you can know your travel route, Google translator- helps to translate local language, Skype- to get in touch with your friends and family, TripIt and many more.


It has now become a most common and required gadget for the people who travel. It will not only capture the beauty of the place, but your travel moments. It helps to make your travel stories more ineteresting and complete. At the end of the day, you share those pictures in different social media which would eventually help on increasing tourism by promoting those travel destinations.

Ebook Reader/Kindle

Some times, when you are in a trip, your backpack may get heavy with a lot of stuff which may have no space for book you want to read when you are at peace. Ebook Reader can be a better option which can store hundreds of books. It is quite small and light in weight which can easily fit in your backpack.


Make sure all the electronic gadgets you are taking with are full of backup. Battery life can be the major problem during trip . If you are planning to capture the moments in your gadgets then don't let the drive space be the reason to stop you in doing so. As far possible, carrying extra drives may be a good idea.

Travel and Technologies

At the end, Make the best use of technology whereever you travel. Be it the gps tracker,application, social media,fitness bands. Having said that, we should not forget that we should be using technologies, don’t let it use us.

Time to travel
There is no any right time to travel.Travel whenever you can and make it best every time you do so. It is always fun to travel and learn capturing the beauty of nature.