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ICT for development of Nation

Being isolated is not human nature. Humans tend to be connected with their fellow humans. So, how Do you connect? You share Information, How? Communicate, What is the fastest/reliable way to do this? It all boils down to this one loud and resounding answer. Technology.

Let's leap a century back and think about the means of communication then and how difficult it used to be. People beating drums to send out a message of war, sending ravens as is beautifully televised in Game Of Thrones, using stones to make communication codes forming different beats, the morse codes during the world wars of the past. Gone are the days when people needed to wait for days to get information on their kins.

At this day and age, Communication is just a matter of a click or touch, a snap-story, instafeed, a facebook live, even a hashtag for all its worth.


A basic infrastructure for a nation and it's citizens in order to spread, share and receive awareness regarding rights and wrongs or to analyze the Pros and cons to any subject. A Nation needs to get updated with what the world is up to and (where we are lagging or leading in terms of development.)how lagging or leading we are in terms of development.


ICT Plays a vital role in the economy of a nation. Let's take an example of the recent acquisition of the biggest tax paying private company of Nepal; NCELL. Malaysian telecom giant AXIATA acquired the company for a whopping amount of $1.08 bn. approximately NRS. 115521120000. That's a loads of digits in there. Making the deal, NCELL paid an NRS. 9.6 bn capital gain tax which could be invested in making good infrastructure where required. That is just one particular transaction we are talking about. There is a vast multitude of corporate entities in the IT Sector helping in growth of the economy.


ICT is one of the factions is that developing Web application/Mobile application is the same throughout the world. It’s all but a grand unison that requires skills and only skills. We don't need to blame the nation for not creating scenarios to help develop a web product/Mobile product as there won’t be any such scenarios unless you have a working internet, Power supply. We could always blame the ISP and NEA for those :D . The reason why we don’t have to blame anyone here is because it is entirely about skills and also because we can create our own market in the tech horizon without much difficulty or hassles from the government.

Skilled Manpower:

Skilled IT manpower is growing day by day and that would be a good thing for the third world countries like nepal to capitalize on. IT sector is such, where there is equity between manpower of our country and first world countries. Same platform is used, Same resources is used and moreover, what first world countries' manpower can do in the software development, can be done by our country's citizens as well. Even more efficiently, I’d go on to say.


There are numerous IT Companies in our country which are subsidiaries of foreign countries . These companies are providing employment for huge number of nepali citizens. These companies are bringing foreign income into the nation, and it’s quite the huge economic influx, anyone can tell. If we are to develop the nation, we must first make the nation digital. So that people don't need to wait for long and hectic amount of time to get official work done. Significant bodies in this country are still using hard copy registers to put record in government office which would be very difficult to work with as well as very weak in terms of security. Whatever remnants of these bodies that claim to have ‘digitized’ their transactions have brought about incompetent legacy systems in practise and maintain their claim as the hippest technical saints of the state, which is blatantly wrong. In this digital world, the country needs to go digital so as to keep up with the world. Being a part of the same world, we are still behind the whole world. This is all because we are yet to experience a revolutionary uprising in terms of technology that some of the local software companies have ignited the fire to. नेपाल बन्छ तब, बन्छ नेपाल डिजिटल् जब। (Nepal bancha taba, bancha nepal digital jaba)