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CSIT & It's Scope

My Synopsis: 

We study/ have studied for 19 years normally unless we skipped some grades. I believe studying is comparatively the easiest timeline in one's life. The difficult one comes after study. It is said that you reap what you sow, but usually untold is the fact that there are various factors that decide if the fruit you are to get is to be perfect or that are you going to get any at all?

Being a 3rd batch CSIT graduate , It would be wrong if I say I didn't have any fear of the aftermath of graduation. I did fear if I would see the most scary prospect(the prospect of unemployment) in my life. Au Contraire, I did achieve the thing what every graduate desperately seeks for; a decent job while still in the 7th semester. Then I realized , If you have skills, there are loads of opportunities waiting for you on the other side of the industry. Having said that, I don't feel that getting job is truly that difficult if you have chosen right path to get through your studies.

Salient Feature: 

The CSIT course is crafted so very well that it covers both hardware as well as the application part. CSIT tends to be the most updated course in the field of technology.


Talking vaguely about opportunities, it's like choosing your favourite star from the sky. There are numerous fields you can go along with to make your career. Databases, Networking, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, QA ,Graphic Design are some of the sectors you can choose to make your career. Gone are days when ledgers were kept in big registers and notebooks, communication sector has reached to its very peak. Everyone owns a communication medium, Internet to connect to the world. In this communicative digital world, whatever you choose, be it Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Graphic Design among many other; You can definitely get successful career in the industry. Given that today's world is immensely technology oriented, it won't be that much of a hectic job to find your job if you are skilful.

From outsourced companies trying to make a mark in the Nepali horizon, to local companies that innovate to make lives easier for people locally, and to the online commercial sites that have mushroomed with the advent of internet in Nepali community, people are making money and creating jobs everywhere. Since we live in a place that needs to be technically restructured, from the basics of records keeping, and digitizing of the whole government, to the implementation of a technology as a public utility, the scope that we have locally is unparalleled. We don't even have to think beyond our nation's boundaries, there's all sorts of job opportunities and economy flowing here.

About jobs, it is always better to create than search. If you have an idea, you can create jobs if you have a perfect market feasible idea. There are loads of investors trying to invest in IT in today's digital world. We have records of more than 50 entrepreneurs from 5 passed out batches comprising of around 1.5k graduates. Looking at the scene today, there are very few skilful CSIT graduates who are unemployed.  

When it comes to educational support and influence, every young individual who has the ambition and drive to accomplish something using technology could look up to CSIT course we have here. There are mind-boggling opportunities we can find and/or create for ourselves if we have sufficient skill set which can be augmented by this comprehensive course.

Source: CSIT Magazine,CSITAN; Author: Sandace J. Shah